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People-oriented win the international market by excellent quality -- Liaoning Aiver Casting Co., LTD

Posted time:2017-02-20

Liaoning Aiver Casting Co., Ltd. is located in Beihai New District, Yingkou, covering an area of 153 mu and a building area of 68,000 square meters. Plant layout, process flow, equipment and tooling are positioned according to the international high-end products, has become the domestic and international top pipe fittings manufacturers. The company has passed the BV factory audit, WRAS and "three systems" (ISO9000 quality management system, ISO14000 environmental management system, OHSAS18000 Occupational Health and safety management system) certification. The company has a number of patented technologies, and has a research and development center, inspection and testing equipment, facilities leading in China. The company's products are widely sold in 26 provinces and cities, and exported to France, Britain, the Netherlands and other European and American countries, as well as in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Liaoning Aiver Casting Co., Ltd. is an integrated supply group company producing high-end pipe fittings. It is committed to the production, research and development, sales, logistics transportation and engineering technical services of cast iron pipe and fittings. It occupies a certain market of pipe and fittings at home and abroad and meets the needs of high-end customers at home and abroad with high-quality products.

Low output of the old factory, resolutely demolished and rebuilt

Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone Aiver Co., LTD., is now the predecessor of Aiver company, due to low output, unreasonable structure layout, production conditions, process arrangement can not meet the domestic major projects and export of high-end demand. In June 2013, the company repositioned the packaging, conceived the layout, and boldly put into production in June of the following year. Combined with Yingkou Datong Economic and Trade Co., LTD., which is specialized in the trade of cast iron pipes and accessories, the company established an independent legal entity in the form of shares -- Liaoning Aiver Casting Co., LTD., with a registered capital of 60 million yuan. Some of them will continue to produce products for domestic demand, while others will spare no effort to build high-quality export brands to meet the needs of high-end domestic customers. At present, Aiver Casting industry can meet the needs of high-end customers at home and abroad in terms of process layout, mold, equipment configuration, warehousing and logistics, etc. The upgrading and transformation of Aiver Casting industry is undoubtedly timely and successful.

Cast iron pipe fittings distribution center preliminary formation, sales business

Depending on Yingkou Port, the cast pipes produced by factories in the southeast and coastal areas are shipped to Yingkou Port and sold to the northeast market. The products of the Northeast factory are sent abroad and to the south coast through Yingkou Port. This provides a perfect opportunity for the product sales of Ivil Casting industry. Aiver Casting industry is now selling in a wide range of areas: domestic sales involve 26 provinces and cities; The Jiangsu section of the south-to-North Water Diversion project in China has also adopted the products produced by Ivier. In recent years, Aiver has taken a large market share in the supply of water transmission lines and accessories in the three provinces in Northeast China. Most of the materials needed for the water transmission supporting project of Liaoning Dahuofang Reservoir are supplied by Aiver Casting Industry. At present, Iver Casting Industry has cast pipe fittings, sealing rubber ring and other products inventory of 100,000 tons, fully able to meet the immediate needs of Northeast, Inner Mongolia, North China. At the same time, the products are exported to overseas - France, Britain, Holland and other European and American countries, in the Middle East, Southeast Asian countries have a market; In Hong Kong, most of the subway, pipe gallery center water connecting parts are also produced by Iver Casting industry.

Production technology determines product quality

A wide range of sales, demand for customers, directly shows that the product quality is excellent, excellent production technology. Liaoning Aiver Casting Co., Ltd. adopts the vacuum vanishing mold casting process, which is specifically explained to replace the common solid mold with the foam mold. After the mold is made, the mold is not taken out, but directly poured into the metal liquid. Under the action of the high temperature metal liquid, the foam mold is vaporized and burned and disappears, and the metal liquid replaces the space occupied by the original foam mold. The required castings are obtained after cooling and solidification. Compared with resin sand, static press line, traditional wood molding and other processes, the advantages of the lost mold casting process can be listed one by one. First, environmental protection, will not pose a threat to the environment; Two is to save labor, save costs; Third, it is simple and convenient, which can be operated by female workers; Fourth, the design degree of freedom is high, what shape can be cast; Fifth, it is extremely accurate. Iver Casting has firmly focused on the exquisite casting process, and constantly research and innovation, to make it perfect, make full use of the advantages of this process, to win greater profits for themselves. They innovative casting method, using negative pressure gravity casting, improve the acceleration of the metal liquid, the completion of the casting only ten seconds. In this way, the casting will not have the edge, sand hole and other defects, almost perfect. At present, Liaoning Aiver Casting Co., Ltd. uses the lost mold casting process to produce more than 2000 kinds of products, specifications from DN80 to DN2600, types of special-shaped, three-way, four-way, etc.

Products are the surface, people are the root

If the production process determines the quality of the product, then the operator determines the process, determines the quality, determines the entire enterprise. At the beginning of 2015, the first order of Liaoning Aiver Casting Co., Ltd. was 8 containers of pipe fittings, a total of 120 tons, which were sold in France. The qualified rate of the first compression reached 80%, without the need for the second compression. The average standard of the qualified rate of the industry is 70%. This comparison is enough to show the craftsman spirit of Ivil people. Aiver people have been adhering to the quality concept of "Aiver pipe fittings, quench one's thirst" with the world's first qualified rate at a time. The excellence of products depends on the increasingly refined manufacturing process, and more on the inheritance and adherence of Aiver people's craftsman spirit. In the workshop, warehouse, laboratory of Ivil enterprise, operators, maintenance workers, quality inspectors, R & D personnel, are meticulous "demanding" quality. In every process, every step of the link, with their own practical actions to interpret the "hard work, the courage to surpass" Aiver spirit.

Corporate culture "harmony" is valuable

Apart from product quality, output, company capacity, output value of these hard concepts, more worthy of mention is the enterprise culture of Iver Casting industry. A big "and", printed on the company

On the wall at the entrance. With the integration of Chinese traditional culture and modern management science, Aiver Casting Industry tries its best to create the corporate culture belonging to Liaoning Aiver Casting Industry, continuously learning the Chinese traditional culture based on Disciple Rules, cultivating the thoughts of family harmony and loyalty to the enterprise of employees, and building the factory into a new factory of consciousness, positive, upward, unity, friendship and civilization. "Harmony" is what Liang Yunfang, the chairman of the company, has been talking about and putting into action. The six shareholders and professional managers of various departments, including him, witnessed the establishment of the enterprise, and today the enterprise is also based on the efforts of the team led by the six of them. They are not related, come from different parts of the country, it is "harmony" let them converge into a force, development and growth of Ivier foundry industry. Liang Yunfang has always advocated that the team is supreme and the team is the lifeline of all departments. Now it is the team strength that supports the pace of the market economy of the industrial entity.

In terms of hardware conditions, Liaoning Aiver Casting Co., Ltd. has exquisite production technology, excellent product quality; In terms of soft culture, Aiver Casting industry has the craftsman spirit of Aiver people and the business philosophy of harmony. All these will always be the unique "character" of Aiver Casting industry, which promotes the strong development of Aiver casting industry, makes "character" more prominent, and makes Aiver Casting industry more glorious as a model.

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