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Dear my friends, it is my pleasure to meet you, let's talk about the company, look forward to your kindly reply.

June 2013, EVER foundry is build up by 3 closed friends who own the same percent of share and equally profit. Before invest this company, the 3 closed friends who have already developing the business of trading ductile iron pipefittings and provide  the logistics service which is YINGKOU   DATONG trading co,.ltd.  DATONG means seek more common grounds while reserving differences.

From 2008 to 2013, After 5 years working hard, we win the fully trust from our customers and partners.  Meanwhile, our management team is getting better. More importantly, the idea of “DATONG” has been  obtained the recognition and praise of the casting company. The Casting company and trading company build the EVER foundry co,.ltd. Ever means forever Ever will forever provide qualified and high quality  products for our clients.

The market of Ever is focus on high class ductile iron pipe fittings export which base on construction  layout, and the processing equipment. Sustainable and stable development is priority of the company. 

Ever pursuing

Your different requirements, it will promote the materials selecting and procedures for more prudent.

Your delivery requirement, it will inspire the delivery management efficiency significant improvement. 

Your  different opinion to the price, it will make us looking for more potential reduce our production and marketing cost.

So the every steps Ever improves, it needs our clients to help us. Ever is so grateful.

World affairs, will be in fine. Ever would like to be your partner, starting from minor matter, down  to the earth working style, improve ourselves, and change destiny.



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