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Suining Municipal People's Congress delegates concentrated inspection sponge City and the construction of the Central Ring Road

Posted time:2017-02-21

On February 9, under the leadership of Liu Yun, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress and Secretary of the Party Group, the third Group of the Municipal People's Congress conducted a concentrated inspection on the construction of Suining Sponge City and the Central Ring Road. Li Xiaofu, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Jiang Xiaohua, Secretary-General, Yang Yunming, Liu Ying, Luo Renshu, the city's senior leaders attended the inspection.

Liu Yun and his delegation inspected the construction and renovation of sponge city in Hedong Lianfu Community and Jingkai District Suining Garden. By the end of December 2016, 98 sponge city pilot projects (area 6.45km²) have been completed in Suining. 123 projects under construction (9.86km²) The total investment has reached 2.41 billion yuan. Through on-site inspection and reporting, Liu Yun gave full affirmation to Suining sponge city construction work. He pointed out that the construction of sponge city has achieved the goals of "no accumulation of water in light rain, no waterlogging in heavy rain, no black and smelly water, and the heat island is alleviated", which is conducive to improving the ecological environment of human settlements and changing the landscape effect. It is hoped to increase the reuse of reserved rainwater, solve the problems and difficulties in project construction, and ensure the smooth progress of sponge city construction.

Afterwards, Liu Yun and his delegation inspected the construction progress of the opening section and logistics port section of the Central Ring Line. He pointed out that the Central Ring Road, as a national and provincial trunk highway network smooth project, is of great significance to the construction of Suining's open, group-type city framework and consolidation of secondary transportation hub advantages. The municipal transportation department should strengthen supervision, guidance and coordination, and strive to solve the specific difficulties and problems in project construction. All levels and departments should fulfill their duties and form a joint force. On the premise of ensuring project quality and construction safety, the project should be accelerated to complete and open to traffic as soon as possible, so as to give full play to the project's role in promoting and improving Suining's economy and society.

Liu Yun and his delegation also inspected the Tongquan Street Bridge project.


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