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Guangdong Heyuan Sponge city construction has been recognized by experts

Posted time:2017-02-21

A few days ago, Professor Zhang Qiaosong, a sponge city expert from the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and his team were invited to Heyuan to guide sponge city construction work. After visiting Hakka Cultural Park, city children's Park and other places, the experts gave affirmation to the sponge city construction of Heyuan City, and put forward guiding opinions.

On the 15th, Zhang Qiaosong and other experts visited Hakka Culture Park, municipal children's Park, Chashan Park and garbage transfer station three-dimensional green and other places, and put forward guidance on the construction of sponge city of our city. Experts point out that the construction of "sponge cities" is not to demolish and start over, but to "reduce the burden" and supplement the traditional drainage system, to maximize the role of the city itself. Hakka Cultural Park planning construction of artificial lake, the central axis of concave pavement and other catchment facilities have fully reflected the concept of sponge city. In order to give full play to the benefit of green sponge, experts suggest that under the premise of not changing the existing use function of the park, make full use of the existing drainage system and green edge, through permeable pavement, green sink, pavement sink, rain Wells, drainage ditch drilling, organic floor covering and other technical measures to effectively control the natural infiltration, savings and reuse of rainwater, and enhance the benefit of sponge. Experts point out that urban green space is not only a good urban ecological infrastructure, but also the largest natural sponge body in the city. At present, the green land rate of Heyuan built-up area is about 40%, which has the basic conditions for sponge city construction.

It is understood that sponge city refers to the urban stormwater management mode by strengthening urban planning and construction management, giving full play to the absorption, storage and slow release effects of urban green Spaces, buildings, roads and water systems, effectively controlling rainwater runoff, effectively reducing urban waterlogging, and realizing natural accumulation, natural penetration and natural purification. At present, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau is vigorously promoting three-dimensional greening and the technology of covering and crushing branches and organic matter under trees, which is an important work in sponge city construction. Next, the urban management Bureau will vigorously promote the construction of sponge city in terms of urban parks, roads and green Spaces according to the opinions of experts and the actual situation of the city.

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