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Niu Ruibo: Accelerate the construction of "sponge cities", so that urban areas no longer look at the sea

Posted time:2017-02-27


February 25 news (reporter Ji Xuemin Lu Zhiqiang) In recent years, Binzhou every large range of heavy rainfall weather, the city of many roads and even some residential areas will appear different degrees of waterlogging, rainwater backflooding phenomenon, to the majority of citizens travel and life has brought a lot of trouble and inconvenience. To this end, Niu Ruibo, deputy director of Binzhou Supervision Bureau and a member of the municipal Committee of the CPPCC, suggested strengthening overall planning, expanding green coverage and speeding up the construction of "sponge city".

Niu said that scientific urban planning, lagging infrastructure and poor emergency management are all reasons for the flood season. The awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation in urban construction is not strong, the study of disaster prevention, disaster reduction and preparedness in urban planning is not enough, and the response to emergencies lacks thorough arrangement. The construction of urban infrastructure also has some problems, such as emphasizing construction over management. "Take the drainage system as an example. Although it is dug and built year after year, the drainage system can only barely withstand the 'once in a year' and the 'once in five years'." "Niu said. Disaster early warning and emergency management have not really become the daily affairs of urban public management departments, with many policies, incomplete plans, poor information and low efficiency.

Faced with the difficulties of "water control methods", The General Office of the State Council issued the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Sponge City in October 2015, proposing to minimize the impact of urban development and construction on the ecological environment through the construction of "sponge city", providing a new idea of intelligent water control from "end management" to "source management".

What is a sponge city? The international general term of "sponge city" is "construction of rainwater system for low-impact development", which means that the city, like a sponge, can absorb, store, permeate and purify runoff and rainwater on the spot or nearby when there is rainfall, supplement groundwater and regulate water circulation. In times of drought, conditions can "release" the stored water and put it to use, thus making the movement of water in the city more "natural".

"The concept of 'Sponge city' has been successfully practiced in many cities. For our city, it has been built in the Middle Sea, East China Sea, West Sea, South China Sea, North Sea and Xinli River, Qinhuang River, ZhangXiaotang trunk canal and other water systems. Our city has been awarded the title of national garden city, which is completely consistent with the concept of building 'Sponge City'. Niu Ruibo told the public network reporter

How to promote "sponge city" construction? Niu suggested that overall planning should be strengthened first. The municipal planning department and relevant industry competent departments should follow the concept of low-impact development when compiling the overall urban planning, detailed planning and relevant professional planning, scientifically delimit and coordinate the sponge city construction in the new and old urban areas, scientifically compile the special plan of "sponge city" construction, and guide the orderly development of sponge city construction. Scientific preparation of sponge city related standards, standardize construction behavior.

At the same time, on the basis of actively seeking financial subsidies from superiors, the government should further increase the capital investment in sponge city construction and give full play to the role of financial funds "four or two thousand Jin". Social capital should be actively encouraged to participate in the investment, construction and operation management of sponge cities, and the financing method of sponge city construction should be transformed from government single channel to social multi-channel through government purchase of services.

"On the one hand, to protect and restore the original rivers, lakes, wetlands and other natural 'spongy bodies' with water conservation functions, on the other hand, through scientific planning to create artificial wetlands, rain gardens, sunken green space and other artificial' spongy bodies', local storage and digestion of rainwater." Niu Ruibo introduced that the ecological picture of "light rain without water, heavy rain without waterlogging, water body without black odor, heat island is alleviated" is gradually realized. Party committees and government departments concerned should attach importance to sponge city construction, strengthen the propaganda of sponge city through media, websites, press conferences and other forms, enhance the awareness of sponge city construction, so that citizens can better understand and support the construction of sponge city.

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