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Ductile iron pipe manufacturers strictly control the quality of raw materials skills

Posted time:2017-03-01

The production of raw materials is crucial to the production of any kind of product, so is the ductile iron pipe, the quality of the product largely depends on it, is also the basis of the whole manufacturer can win the trust of customers. In the increasingly competitive ductile iron pipe market, there is always a merchant who wants to reduce costs through inferior raw materials.

Once the inferior ductile iron pipe products are put on the market, it will harm the interests of users, and even constitute a significant quality or safety hazard, and become the culprit of product production quality accidents or safety accidents. In addition, if the procurement of nodular cast iron pipe raw materials control is improper, also directly affect the quality of product production.

Therefore, to prevent shoddy or deteriorated raw materials from flowing into the production line is the focus of every ductile iron pipe production enterprise. In order to control the purchasing quality of raw materials and ensure the production quality and safety of products, nodular cast iron pipe enterprises also need to control from the evaluation and selection of raw material suppliers, strengthen the acceptance of raw materials before warehousing, improve the quality of warehousing management and other aspects.

After strict screening, qualified suppliers of ductile iron pipe raw materials will be determined, which is based on the results of the above evaluation of the quality assurance ability of each supplier, as well as production and use, price, reputation and other factors.

In the actual process, try to choose several suppliers of the same raw materials for comparison, especially in the production and use situation and the quality assurance ability of each supplier is basically the same, to fully ensure that the raw materials of ductile iron pipe meet the standards.


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