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How to protect nodular cast iron pipe correctly

Posted time:2017-03-02

Steel pipe is one of the most important materials in industrial production and social construction. It is not only the frame material of various engineering equipment, but also the basic composition material of engineering. Ductile iron pipe is a kind of cast iron more than 18 as the main material, plus a variety of auxiliary additives, and then re-use the centrifugal ductile iron machine casting out of the steel pipe, usually can also be referred to as the ductile tube or ductile cast pipe and so on. Ductile iron pipe in today's industrial production, the use of very common, because it is very safe and reliable, but also has a very good corrosion resistance.

Although the corrosion resistance of ductile iron pipe is very good, but in the actual use process, the necessary corrosion protection facilities are necessary, because it can not only ensure the performance of ductile iron pipe, but also extend its service life. Asphalt paint coating is often used in ductile iron pipe anticorrosion method, mainly in the transmission of natural gas, it is an essential anticorrosion measure. Epoxy ceramic lining is also one of the most effective means, although its corrosion resistance is excellent, but because of its difficult production process, so it is very high cost.

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