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Sponge city pilot this year to meet the national acceptance

Posted time:2017-03-08

2017 is the year of acceptance of sponge city pilot construction. In the mobilization meeting of the city's urban drive war held recently, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government put forward clearly: to meet the performance assessment and acceptance of the national finance, housing and water conservancy ministries and commissions as an opportunity to strive for excellence, case creation and typical.

Based on the pilot results achieved in our city and in line with the new situation of sponge city construction booming in the country, the relevant departments and units of the municipal government will accelerate the "Five one" project this year, that is, establish a company, initiate the raising of China's first sponge city fund, build China's Sponge City technology demonstration base, and initiate the Sponge City International Summit Forum. We will push forward a number of sponge city construction projects, strive to complete the sponge city demonstration zone at maturity, and form the Changde model of sponge city construction.

Specifically, one is to strengthen sponge city planning revision. Make good connection with urban drainage (rainwater) flood control, ecological environmental protection in the central city and surrounding areas, urban green space system and other planning, further improve the "Changde Sponge City Construction Project Planning and Management Regulations", clarify and refine the content of examination and approval at each stage, and ensure that the planning, design and project construction are implemented in place. Second, speed up the project. We will ensure that the pilot project of building 22 square kilometers of spongy courtyards will be completed. Sixty roads of 85 kilometers, such as Wuling Avenue, Dongting Avenue, Liuye Avenue, Changde Avenue and Ziling Road, were transformed with sponge, and attention was paid to rainwater collection and reuse in road squares to realize the recycling of stored rainwater. All sponge city projects in Trans-Zihe and Moat areas will be integrated into PPP projects to explore the PPP mode of sponge city construction. Third, refining cases to form Changde experience. Last year, the comprehensive treatment project of Daozi River and moat was selected as one of the national outstanding cases of black and smelly water treatment. People's Daily also promoted the sponge city construction experience of our city on the front page. In the future, relevant departments will continue to pay attention to the case summary of the sponge reconstruction of the residential courtyard, strive to form higher quality sponge city project cases and management experience, and form the Changde model that can be promoted and copied.


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