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The research team of the Ministry of Soil Resources went to Guizhou GUI 'an New Area to investigate the construction of sponge city

Posted time:2017-03-13

On March 10, Zhuang Shaoqin, director general of the Planning Department of the Ministry of Land and Resources, led a team to Guian New Area to investigate the construction of sponge city. Sun Dengfeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of the New District, Zhang Jianping, deputy director of the China Land Survey and Planning Institute, Li Xiaobo, deputy director of the Information Center of the Ministry of Land and Resources, Guo Qiang, deputy director of the Provincial Land and Resources Department, Xu Jianlong, member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of the New District, accompanied the investigation.

In the afternoon of the same day, the research team went to the temporary planning Hall, Moon Lake Park, GUI 'an Central Avenue and other places to learn about the sponge city construction work done by the New District, and affirmed the achievements achieved by the New District in accelerating the construction of ecological civilization demonstration area relying on the sponge city construction.

Zhuang Shaoqin affirmed that the New District promotes sponge city construction with high standards and high requirements. He believed that as the only national new district with the mission of building an ecological civilization demonstration zone, GUI 'an New District has always carried the concept of green development through all aspects and the whole process of the development and construction of the new district in just three years, with high planning positioning, fast development and construction, and made remarkable achievements in protecting the ecological environment and other aspects The achievements have accumulated valuable experience, and many practices are worth popularizing. It is hoped that GUI 'an New District, combined with its own development, will inject GUI 'an elements in the future work, highlight GUI 'an characteristics, identify the gaps and strive for achievements, continue to practice the five new development concepts, integrate the concept of sponge city construction into all aspects of urban construction, further improve urban functions, improve urban ecology, enhance urban quality, form a strong force for sponge city construction, and constantly improve The quality of new urbanization promotes the harmonious development of man and nature, strives to build an ecological GUI 'an and beautiful GUI 'an, and provides more referable experience for the construction of sponge cities across the country.

Sun Dengfeng welcomed the arrival of the research team and thanked the Ministry of Land and Resources for its long-term care and support for the new area. He said that in recent years, Guian New Area, as one of the national sponge city construction pilot, has earnestly implemented the decisions and deployments of the CPC Central Committee, The State Council, the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, firmly guarded the "two bottom lines" of development and ecology, actively practiced five new development concepts, and comprehensively promoted the construction of sponge city. In the work, GUI 'an New District strictly implements the "1+9" series system of ecological civilization construction, further promotes the construction of "five districts, eight corridors, one hundred gardens" and "ten rivers, one hundred lakes, one thousand ponds", vigorously promotes the sponge city pilot construction in the New District, and speeds up the pace of building an ecological civilization demonstration area. In the next step, according to the requirements of the Ministry of Land and Resources and the provincial Department of Land and Resources, the New District will highlight the problem orientation, strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, strengthen the overall planning, pay close attention to supervision and inspection, accelerate the process of sponge city construction, and ensure that the pilot construction projects improve the quality and speed and finish as soon as possible.

Department of Resources and relevant departments of GUI 'an New Area accompanied the investigation.


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