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Nanning, Guangxi: The first trial of the pipeline corridor construction has shown initial results

Posted time:2017-03-14

Promoting the construction of urban underground comprehensive pipeline corridor is a major livelihood project to promote stable economic growth, increase the supply of public goods, and accelerate the transformation of urban construction and development mode. In May 2016, Nanning was successfully selected as the second batch of national pilot cities for underground comprehensive pipe corridor construction, and made every effort to promote the construction of underground comprehensive pipe corridor.

On August 31 last year, Guangxi's first comprehensive pipe corridor, Foziling Road in Nanning, was officially put into use, which will effectively solve the problem of "road zipper" and "spider web in the air" caused by repeated excavation of urban roads and greatly improve the urban environment.

On February 28 this year, as the five integrated corridors of Rongmo Avenue North extension line, Zhenbang Road, Xinyong Road, Jinhua Road, Gaotang Road in Wuxiang New District adopted PPP mode construction, so far the city's 12 pipeline corridor pilot construction projects have realized full construction. In the future, with a number of comprehensive pipe corridors completed and put into use, Nanning will open the "pipe corridor era".

The first trial first corridor construction has shown initial results

Many citizens are not familiar with the concept of "integrated management corridor". "Comprehensive pipe corridor" refers to the public tunnel built underground in the city for centralized laying of electric power, communication, radio and television, water supply and other municipal pipelines, also known as comprehensive pipe trench, common trench or underground common trench.

The person in charge of Nanning Urban Construction Management Corridor Construction Investment Co., Ltd. introduced that the comprehensive management corridor has the characteristics of efficient operation, convenient maintenance, safety and reliability. After the pipeline corridor is put into use, it can reduce the repeated construction of pipelines, improve the utilization rate of underground space, and solve the problems of "road zipper" and "spider web in the air". Reduce the pipeline accident rate, improve the disaster prevention capability of pipeline facilities, and ensure the safe operation of facilities; It will also help improve the overall carrying capacity of cities and the quality of urbanization development, increase effective investment in public goods, increase private capital input, and create new drivers of economic development.

Nanning City in the pipeline corridor construction trial first, after years of efforts, the pipeline corridor construction has achieved remarkable results. Since 2005, Nanning City began to carry out the planning and construction of urban underground comprehensive management corridor, and in 2006 Nanning Urban Construction Management Corridor Construction Investment Co., LTD was established.

In 2013, the pipeline corridor in the East Railway Station area was constructed simultaneously with the road, realizing a network of pipeline corridors. Part of the comprehensive pipeline corridor in Changhong Road and Foziling Road entered the corridor. Among them, the comprehensive pipeline corridor in Foziling Road was completed and put into use on August 31, 2016 (110kV overhead power line from Panlong Road to Cuizhu Road has been transferred to the corridor), which is the first comprehensive pipeline corridor put into operation in Guangxi. With the pipeline into the corridor, the original high voltage tower in the middle of the road, cement pier have been removed, to ensure the safety of the road.

It is reported that in 2016, Nanning City plans to arrange a total of 17 underground comprehensive pipeline corridor construction projects, the total construction scale of 53.8 kilometers, the planned total investment of 4.361 billion yuan. Among them, 1 project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2016, 13 projects are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017 and 3 projects are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018.

Strengthen supervision and coordination to promote pipeline into the corridor

"The road is exceptionally smooth, and there is not a manhole cover to be found; The towering telephone poles were gone, and the skyline consisted of buildings and trees..." This is how citizens feel when they pass Foziling Road, because most of the water supply, power supply and communication cables here "live" in the spacious underground corridor, with only a few remaining in the process of relocation.

Foziling Road comprehensive pipe Corridor has lasted more than 3 years since its construction started in 2013 and put into use in 2016. The construction of this road comprehensive pipe corridor is still a precedent in our city. The pipe corridor section is circular and there is no construction experience for reference.

The Municipal Key Office, as the coordination and promotion department for the construction of integrated pipe corridor and the entry of high-voltage power lines into the corridor of Fengling North District, actively coordinated the power department, municipal functional departments, user units, project owners, design units and other relevant units to hold many thematic construction and promotion meetings, and constantly strengthened supervision and coordination. It has played a strong role in coordinating and promoting the installation of power support, lighting fixtures, fire doors and other attached facilities in the integrated pipe gallery. Timely solve the procurement, installation, power failure and ignition problems of the power supply transformer and connecting box of the integrated pipe gallery; Effectively solve the problems of adding grounding system, optical fiber laying of monitoring center and remote control in the integrated pipe corridor.

The strong promotion of the city key office for Panlong Road to Cuizhu section of 110kV high-voltage power line moved into the corridor removed numerous obstacles.

Liang Mingzhi, deputy secretary-general of the Municipal government and director of the municipal Key Office, believes that Nanning, as a pilot city of comprehensive management corridor, through vigorously promoting the construction of underground comprehensive management corridor project, will provide a strong guarantee for Nanning to speed up the construction of "four cities", which is conducive to our city to show the achievements of urban municipal infrastructure construction and enhance the city image.

We worked hard to move six high-voltage power lines in the north of Fengling into the corridor

On the basis of completing the survey of the status quo of urban underground municipal pipelines, the city overall plans the actual development needs of all kinds of pipelines, in accordance with the principle of "planning first, construction later" and comprehensive consideration of urban development prospects, the city has completed the preparation of the Special Planning of Nanning City Underground Comprehensive Pipeline Corridor, the planning scope covers the planning area of 300 square kilometers of Nanning City.

According to the plan, in the next five years, Nanning will arrange 49 underground comprehensive pipeline corridor projects, with a total construction scale of 131.11 kilometers, and the total investment is expected to be about 100.82 billion yuan. These projects are mainly distributed in Wuxiang District and Santang District, as well as Jiangnan District combined with old city reconstruction.

Since the end of 2013, long Gang road (phoenix valley road - epipodium), phoenix ridge road compartments bamboo avenue - high PoLing (road), high PoLing road (phoenix ridge, north road, long Gang road), phoenix valley road (YunJing Road - long Gang road) comprehensive utility tunnel construction in succession, the phoenix ridge north area comprehensive utility tunnel construction is to form a certain network.

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