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Pipeline Design Institute received 3 certificates of know-how from China Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Survey and Design Association

Posted time:2017-03-15

On March 8, Pipeline Design Institute received three proprietary technical certificates issued by China Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Investigation and Design Association, including Design Method of Sealing Plug for Underground Water Seal Oil Caverns, Dynamic Design Technology of Water Curtain System Based on three-dimensional geological Analysis and Water Curtain hole pressure Interference Test, and Analysis Technology of Communication Cable Crossing Adaptability based on Strain performance of protective Structures.

Design Method of Sealing Plug for Underground Water Sealed Oil caverns has formed a complete and reasonable calculation theory and analysis method of sealing plug for the first time in the engineering of underground water sealed oil caverns, filling the gap in the domestic industry and leading level in China. This technology can be applied to the engineering of underground water-sealed petroleum caverns, and has certain guiding significance for the design of sealing plug of underground water-sealed LPG storage.

Dynamic Design Technology of Water Curtain System Based on 3D Geological Analysis and Water Curtain Hole Pressure Interference Test for the first time, through studying the distribution and permeable properties of joint cracks, it achieves the purpose of rationally arranging water curtain holes and effectively improving the water curtain system refill efficiency. This technology is original, advanced and reliable in China, and its application scope is mainly for underground water-sealed caverns and similar underground space projects.

The Adaptability Analysis Technology of Communication Optical Cable Crossing Based on the Strain Performance of Protective Structure is the first time to carry out theoretical analysis of the feasibility of the optical cable with the same hole backtow in the construction of directional drilling, and according to different geological conditions, the strain, risk and economy of a variety of optical cable structures and casing crossing forms in the backtow are compared with the optical cable crossing alone. The best applicable conditions under various engineering conditions are obtained.


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