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China Environment News: Strengthen environmental protection and ecological restoration in the Danjiang River Basin of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project

Posted time:2017-03-16

The Danjiang River Basin is an important water source for the South-to-North Water Diversion project. In view of the problems restricting the protection of water source in the Danjiang River Basin, such as the low ecological compensation standard, the arduous task of industrial transformation and poverty alleviation, unsound channels and mechanisms of assistance, scattered fund channels, and imperfect ecological civilization system, the Peasants and Labor Party suggests:

Strictly implement the national 13th Five-Year Plan for Water Pollution Control and soil and Water Conservation in the Danjiangkou Reservoir Area and its Upper reaches. As a key project of national ecological construction and improvement of people's livelihood, it forms a work pattern of "support from the state, overall planning by the whole province, implementation by commercial and Luochuan, and joint efforts by all parties" to ensure the smooth progress of the comprehensive treatment project of the Danjiang River Basin.

Relying on ecological resources to develop ecological economy, orderly promote ecological poverty alleviation and ecological migration. We should strengthen the sustainable exploitation and utilization of ecological resources, vigorously develop the ecological economy, and promote the positive interaction between ecological protection and poverty alleviation.

We should improve the mechanism of ecological compensation for water sources in the Danjiang River Basin, and calculate the standards of ecological compensation fairly.

Formulate preferential policies, enrich the channels of assistance, and increase the intensity of assistance. The state should introduce industrial support policies in the industry restricted areas as soon as possible, gradually transform "blood transfusion compensation" into "hematopoietic compensation", and increase the intensity of technical compensation and industrial compensation.

We will carry out ecological protection and restoration projects for mountains, rivers, forests, fields and lakes, and promote the construction of ecological civilization in river basins. Taking the water environment protection and treatment project in river basins as the leader, China will coordinate environmental treatment and restoration of mines, land consolidation and pollution restoration, and biodiversity conservation, and promote comprehensive treatment and restoration of regional ecology in an all-round way.


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