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Kunming comprehensively promotes the construction of sponge city and improves the protection and management of Dianchi Lake

Posted time:2017-03-18

The year 2017 is a key year for the full implementation of the 13th Five-Year Plan for Dianchi Lake water environmental protection and governance. Kunming City will take problems as the orientation and projects as the starting point and adopt comprehensive measures to comprehensively promote the protection and governance of Dianchi Lake. In 2017, 100 Dianchi Lake protection and treatment projects are planned to be implemented, with an investment of 3.31 billion yuan, to ensure that the water quality of the basin is improved steadily on the basis of last year, and the water quality of the Dianchi Lake Waihai and Caohai Lake is stable Category Ⅴ. Among them, the Dianchi Lake Basin will implement the water environment regional (river) ecological compensation mechanism, according to the water quality section assessment and sewage treatment tasks completed, in the upstream and downstream of the river related counties (cities) and development (resort) section of economic compensation.

Key words: key project

We will carry out 100 construction projects

According to the 13th Five-Year Plan for Dianchi Lake Protection and Governance and the objectives of protection and governance of Dianchi Lake in 2017, this year, Kunming will speed up the construction of 22 projects carried over from the 12th Five-Year Plan, such as sludge treatment and resource utilization project of the main city and the sewage treatment plant around the lake, regulation and storage pond project of the western part of the main city of Kunming (outside the Second Ring Road), dredging project of sediment dredging of the main lake estuary and key areas off the Dianchi Lake, Xinbao SS environmental comprehensive improvement project (Dabanqiao Section). Aim to complete at least 8 projects by the end of the year. At the same time, it will accelerate the implementation of 38 projects under construction, including the incremental expansion of the sewage treatment plant in the west of the main city of Kunming (the 13th Water Purification Plant construction project of Kunming City), Caohai and Lake estuary desilting project, the regulation tank project of Nijiying Water Purification Plant in Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone, and the comprehensive improvement project of Wangjiagou water environment, and strive to complete at least 11 projects by the end of the year. In addition, 40 new projects such as the combined Sewage Treatment Plant in the north of the main city of Kunming (the 14th Sewage Treatment Plant construction project), the sewage intercepting project of villages along the Cold Water River, and the comprehensive improvement project of clean water river environment in Panlong District will be launched, and 12 projects will be completed by the end of this year.

Comprehensively deepen the river chief system

In accordance with the requirements of the state and the province on comprehensively implementing the river chief system, this year Kunming formulated and issued the working opinions and working plans on comprehensively deepening the river chief system, and established and improved the "four-level river chief and five-level governance" system of the city, county (city) district and development zone, township (town, subdistrict), village (community) and village group. Each county (city) district will formulate a corresponding work plan for the river chief system by June 30.

Regional (river) ecological compensation mechanism

In accordance with the principle of "who benefits who compensates, who polluts who pays", the ecological compensation mechanism of water environment region (river course) is implemented in Dianchi Lake Basin. According to the water quality section assessment and the completion of sewage treatment tasks, economic compensation is carried out in relevant counties (cities) and development (resort) areas in the upper and lower reaches of the river course. The pilot projects of the New Grain Transport River, Xihe River and the New Baoxiang River were launched on April 1, and will be fully implemented in the Dianchi Lake Basin within the year. Two methods of regional ecological compensation for water environment and marketized operation of integrated river service management in Dianchi Lake Basin will be formulated and promulgated before April 30.

Key words: Water quality improvement

Water purification plant quality improvement project

Carry out the effluent quality improvement work of the first, third, seventh, eighth and ninth water purification plants, further reduce nitrogen and phosphorus, improve effluent quality, and strive to complete the quality improvement transformation of the first and ninth water purification plants within this year. Construction of the Luolong River Water Purification Plant Water quality improvement test demonstration project will be completed and put into operation before June 30.

Control of micro-polluted water in river course: Last year, the city conducted micro-polluted water control experiments and demonstrations in Guangpu Dagou River, Laoyun Grain River, Xiaoxagou River and other river courses, and achieved obvious results. On this basis, the Dianchi Lake Basin, especially in Caohai, Guandu Liujia and other areas, will be promoted and applied this year to eliminate substandard water bodies.

Sewage treatment of market towns and villages: Formulate effective and long-term management measures for the operation of rural domestic sewage treatment facilities, establish a mechanism for government to purchase services, professional operation and maintenance, and strict supervision. At the same time, the Internet and online monitoring technology are used to establish a rural domestic sewage treatment monitoring information system to ensure the normal operation of sewage collection and treatment facilities and discharge up to standards.

Prevention and control of cyanobacteria bloom in Dianchi Lake: By combining engineering measures with mechanical fishing, the removal of cyanobacteria bloom in key waters of Dianchi Lake should be strengthened to reduce the enrichment of cyanobacteria bloom, and the upgrading and renovation project of the water displacement channel in the northern part of Dianchi Lake should be completed before May 31.

Water level control of Dianchi Lake: from March to May, the water level of caohai Sea in Dianchi Lake should be controlled within 1886.2 meters, and that of the outer sea within 1886.8 meters, so as to promote the recovery of submerged plants, further improve the health of the ecosystem of the Dianchi lake, enhance the net capacity of internal source, and prevent and control the bloom of cyanobacteria.

Sponge city construction: According to the functional requirements of sponge city of "seepage, stagnation, storage, net, use, discharge", comprehensively promote the construction of sponge city, actively apply for the national sponge city construction pilot, improve the accumulation, infiltration and purification capacity of urban rainwater runoff, and reduce the non-point source pollution of urban precipitation runoff. Within this year, 19 square kilometers of sponge cities will be built.

Key words: ecological construction

Area pipe network pollution control project

We will focus on solving the problem of the "last kilometer" of sewage pipe network construction, and complete the construction of 152 kilometers of sewage pipe network. Construction of the 14th sewage treatment plant was started; Promoting the construction of sewage treatment plants in airport economic zones; Completing the project of improving the supporting collection system along the east coast of the lake; Completed 6 kilometers of drainage network in the west area of the main city (Xishan District outside the Second Ring Road); A total of 100 million yuan will be invested in upgrading old drainage networks.

Improvement of river channels and tributaries: promoting the comprehensive improvement project of Baoxiang River, Haikou River, Qingshui River, Cold Water River and other river channels and smelly water river environment; Efforts should be intensified to control black and smelly water bodies. Haihe River should be sold off from the national platform for regulation and supervision of black and smelly water bodies by the end of June, and black and smelly water bodies should be basically eliminated in urban built-up areas of the whole city by the end of the year.

Dianchi Lake ecological construction: combined with the development and construction of the district, 385,400 square meters were demolished and 245,000 square meters were upgraded; The Dianchi Lake Watershed vegetation restoration project has been carried out, and 10,000 mu of unformed forests have been planted and replenished and young forests managed. We will complete the lakeside ecological wetland construction project in Xinghai Peninsula, Guandu District, and the ecological wetland construction project in the south and north of Guanyin Mountain, start the construction of Xihua Wetland, and restore the lakeside ecological wetland in Caohai District.

Lakeside Ecological Wetland Maintenance and management: Formulate and issue the Dianchi Lakeside Wetland Maintenance and Management Measures, strengthen wetland management, maintenance and supervision, and give play to the wetland ecological landscape benefits.

Improvement of Caohai and its surrounding water environment: The experimental project of source mixed water and sewage biological treatment will be carried out in the old Grain Transport River to improve the water quality of the river and further reduce the pollution load into the lake. With the application of new biotechnology and distributed treatment, the treatment of tributary ditches such as Zhenghe Road Ditch, fishing village ditch and Xiaoshagou has been completed. We will start construction of Caohai Dam strengthening and upgrading and water displacement channel construction projects to ensure that all of them are completed before October 30 this year. Accelerate the 13th water purification plant, the west section of the main city (Zhenghe Lu Gou) storage pond, Caohai and lake estuary dredging; Construction of auxiliary storage tank for the Third Water purification plant was started.


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