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Resolutely start the battle to protect the blue sky and control the haze still need to conquer the "hard bones"

Posted time:2017-03-20

[China Environmental Protection online waste gas treatment] haze has entered the "strategic stalemate" stage, to achieve a breakthrough, we must be firm in the confidence of victory, with greater determination, more investment, more solid, more in-depth work. In the meantime, institutional changes are needed and local interests may be hit.

Recently, the hottest word in the field of environmental protection and ecology is "blue sky battle". The new wording in the government Work report responds to people's concerns and expectations, and fully demonstrates the Chinese government's strong resolve in tackling air pollution. On the other hand, to describe the current stage of the governance work is also a true reflection of the difficulties faced.

Looking back at the significance of war in history, all the defensive battles are arduous. The blue sky battle is also tough. Haze this enemy, has been encircled and blocked for several years. Through a wide range of treatment projects, such as increasing desulphurization and denitrification facilities in industrial pollution sources, as well as dust removal and reduction of volatile organic compounds, we have achieved a substantial reduction in the concentration of major pollutants and an overall improvement in air quality across the country compared to 2013. In 2016, the average annual PM2.5 concentration in key regions dropped by more than 30 percent.

Further improvement is faltering as the easy levers of governance run out. Air quality has been repeated in some areas, and the situation of poor air quality improvement and frequent heavy pollution in winter in northern China has not been fundamentally curbed. Progress in the battle against blue skies has been slower than expected, hindering the pace of overall improvement in air quality.

To win the battle to keep our skies blue, we must first boost confidence. In fact, a few years ago, the introduction of the "air ten" has taken into account all stages of governance measures. From the current point of view, haze control has entered the stage of "strategic stalemate". To achieve a breakthrough, we must strengthen the confidence to win, with greater determination, more investment, more solid and deeper work to continue to advance.

In the meantime, institutional changes are needed and local interests may be hit. Taking the treatment of loose coal in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region as an example, the original annual consumption of loose coal in this region is about 40 million tons. Although coal pressure has achieved some results, but with the improvement of residents' living conditions, the amount of coal used for heating in the rural-urban fringe has shown an increasing trend. For the people, heating coal is just need, how to do a good replacement? The shortage of gas source, electricity is too expensive, insufficient biogas resources calorific value is not enough, bulk coal replacement work once stalled.

Beijing in the way of government subsidies to implement the peak and valley electricity price to replace coal, has made many areas feeling "than, can not afford to change." However, on the one hand, the high price of electricity leads to the slow promotion of coal-fired heating, on the other hand, the wind and solar power generation is difficult to get online and discarded. Seemingly simple loose coal treatment, in fact, the final encounter is the problem of system mechanism.

It is encouraging to see that this year's government Work report not only sets out the task of replacing coal with electricity and gas in more than 3 million households and eliminating all small coal-fired boilers in built areas of cities at and above the prefecture level, but also clearly states that "we should promptly solve institutional and technical problems, give priority to ensuring that clean energy is connected to the Internet for power generation, and effectively reduce water, wind and light abandonment". It provides a systematic solution to solve the problem of coal cleaning.

There are vehicle exhaust control, small scattered pollution enterprises control, heavy pollution weather response... In this battle to protect the blue sky, similar to the loose coal treatment of the difficult problems there are many. Many of the problems revealed in recent inspections by the Ministry of Environmental Protection are, in fact, a reflection of some localities' fear of difficulties and irresponsibility. The public wants blue skies to stay, and the parties involved are duty-bound. Only by having firm confidence, making up one's mind, using one's brain, innovating ideas and coming up with real methods can one chew the "hard bones". Only in this way can air quality be further improved.


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