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Production of Pipeline construction Underground "high speed"

Posted time:2017-03-21


A great country must have a proud city, and a proud city must have a reassuring "underground corridor system", which can meet the daily needs of urban residents for more than ten or hundreds of years. Underground tube gallery is like "another face" of the city, its quality affects the health and living standard of the city residents.

During the 13th session of the Standing Committee of the 12th National Committee of the CPPCC, Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of The State Council, responded to the question of "seeing the sea when it rains" on urban infrastructure. He clearly pointed out that the "underground" problem is the "weak link" of urban development. The construction of underground infrastructure is very important, and the construction of underground pipeline corridors must be carried out. Build an underground "expressway".

Now, the construction of underground pipeline corridor has been included in the important agenda of urban construction, so how to build a good "highway", to create another face of the city? Tazheng Pipeline Industry, a leading enterprise in the ecological building materials industry committed to providing overall solutions for the ecological pipeline system of civil buildings and municipal engineering, provides a good answer to this question.

High quality pipelines are needed for "highway" construction.

The pipelines are buried in the ground where people can't see them. Among them, some transport drinking water, some transport gas, some transport electricity, and all kinds of energy needed in urban life... Taisho Pipe industry officials gave an example to the author of a mouthful but easy to understand the relationship: if the quality of the pipeline transporting drinking water is not good, or made of bad materials, the water itself will be toxic; If the quality of the sewage pipeline is not good, it will break and leak, and the sewage will pollute the underground water source; If the underground water source is toxic, the vegetables and fruits produced will also be toxic, people's health will be damaged, and the ecological environment will be destroyed. From this relationship, it is not difficult to understand the importance of the quality of pipes to our lives.

The relevant person in charge of Dazheng Pipeline industry said that only high-quality pipelines can make the "expressway" smooth for ten or even hundreds of years, only high-quality pipelines can make the "expressway" harmonious with nature, and only high-quality pipelines can contain the "expressway" riddled with holes.

How do you get high-quality pipes?

High quality pipes need good manufacturers. What makes a good pipe manufacturer? "A company that can consolidate technology and continue to innovate, can produce new and good building materials with a reasonable cost, continuously improve management efficiency and have a sense of social responsibility," said an official of Taisho Pipe industry.

Technology is always the core competitiveness of enterprise development, innovation is the driving force of enterprise development. It is understood that Dazheng Pipe industry to lead the ecological building materials as the brand positioning, always adhere to the "around the customer, continuous improvement, the pursuit of product zero defects" quality policy, with green environmental protection raw materials, non-toxic addition, at the same time actively research and development of new technology, the technical achievements applied to the production of products. The environment-friendly pipeline produced will not damage people's health, but also meet the needs of ecological city construction.

At the same time, the construction of underground pipeline corridors is related to the normal operation of the whole city, which requires pipeline manufacturers to have a sense of social responsibility and make efforts where others can't see. Pipeline product quality inspection, building materials enterprises must be able to achieve "self requirements". Being able to ask for yourself is a kind of ability. If an enterprise knows "self-requirements", it is a kind of power, and if an industry can "self-requirements", it is a kind of power to "benefit society".

It is reported that Taizheng Pipe Industry has a complete quality inspection system, implements the quality concept of "product is as good as character", fully covers the three systems of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSA18001, implements full staff and total quality management, and automates production line and standardizes on-site management. Strictly control the quality control system to ensure quality assurance from raw materials into the factory to products out of the factory.

The construction of the "expressway" needs the support of the entire pipeline industry. Both state-owned enterprises and private enterprises should be united in front and contribute to the construction of high-quality urban underground integrated pipeline corridors.


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