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Agricultural Bank of China's Jilin branch lent 3.3 billion yuan to help the construction of underground comprehensive corridor

Posted time:2017-03-22

Recently, Agricultural Bank of China's Jilin branch issued a fixed asset loan of 730 million yuan for the Liaoyuan Southern New Town underground comprehensive management corridor project. This is the bank after Jilin City, Siping City another successful underground comprehensive pipe gallery loan city. At present, the bank has provided 3.265 billion yuan of loans to three cities in the province.

The underground comprehensive pipeline corridor is a public tunnel built in the underground of the city, which is used to centrally lay the electric power, communication, radio and television, water supply and other municipal pipelines. In 2015, Jilin Province was identified by the state as the only province to implement the pilot construction of urban underground comprehensive pipeline corridor. Faced with the biggest livelihood project in the province, Agricultural Bank of Jilin Branch seized the opportunity, took the initiative to connect with the government's development plan, took the lead in solving problems, communicated and coordinated with government departments timely through high-level marketing, and actively sought cooperation space. At the same time, it won the attention of Agricultural General Bank of China, and designated Jilin Branch as the pilot branch of Agricultural Bank of China to provide policy support and business guidance. In order to ensure the simultaneous promotion of business marketing and project construction, the bank establishes the project list, and does the project docking work in different layers according to the requirement of "level to level, level to level". Establish the responsibility list, implement the project marketing responsibility layer by layer, supervise the project one by one, and form a joint marketing force. Since there was no existing experience to follow in the underground comprehensive management gallery loan at that time, after repeated argumentations, the bank solved the financing problem for enterprises through the government purchase of services. On this basis, the bank formed a special marketing team, full-time project marketing, investigation, program design, grant letter reporting and other work, effectively improve the professional service ability.

Since the bank took the lead in issuing the first underground integrated management gallery loan of 385 million yuan in the system and local industry at the end of 2015, the bank has successfully marketed underground integrated management gallery projects in 5 cities in the province, with a total credit of 6.523 billion yuan.


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