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Fujian Zhao 'an County to improve drainage system to create a sponge city

Posted time:2017-03-25

In recent days, under the intense work of the workers, Zhaoan County city Meiyuan North Road completed about 300 meters of the length of the rainwater pipeline laying, and completed the first layer of asphalt paving.      

It is understood that the total investment of Zhaoan County urban main road reconstruction project is 680 million yuan, Meiyuan North Road rainwater pipeline laying is a sub-project of the project. In order to further improve the drainage and flood control capacity of the urban area, the county increased the construction and reconstruction of urban drainage pipes and canals, and reformed the drainage network network of main urban roads such as Meiyuan Road North, Meiyuan Road South, Yufeng Road and Yuliang Road, which will further improve the urban drainage pipe system after completion.

In recent years, Zhao 'an County has increased the construction of municipal pipeline facilities, and implemented PPP projects such as urban main road renovation, urban water supply and drainage, and road comprehensive upgrading. Through the construction of sponge city drainage system in Nanhu and Jiangbin New Areas, the construction of flood drainage and detention channels, and the acceleration of rain and pollution diversion construction, the overall drainage capacity of urban drainage channels has been further improved.


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