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Guangzhou launched eight new underground integrated pipeline corridor projects with a total length of 96.8 kilometers

Posted time:2017-03-27

At present, the construction of underground comprehensive pipe gallery in large and medium-sized cities is in full swing. The reporter learned from the 2017 China (Guangzhou) Urban Underground Comprehensive Pipeline Corridor Summit Forum recently that there are 8 new underground comprehensive pipeline corridor projects under construction in Guangzhou, with a total length of 96.8 kilometers. By 2020, the total length of Guangzhou's underground corridor will reach 300 kilometers, accounting for about one third of the province.

Guangzhou opened a new pipeline corridor of 97 kilometers

Accounting for more than half of the province

At yesterday's forum, Guo Zhuangshi, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Housing and Construction, revealed that since the construction of the underground comprehensive pipeline corridor in 2011, the total length of the pipeline corridor has been built and put into use in the province, about 88 kilometers, leading the country. By the end of 2016, the province had started construction of new underground integrated pipeline corridors with a total length of about 187 kilometers. Guo also gave full affirmation to the construction of Guangzhou's underground comprehensive pipeline corridor, he said that in 2016, Guangzhou's new construction of comprehensive pipeline corridor length of about 97 kilometers, accounting for more than half of the province.

In 2016, after fierce competition with 27 large and medium-sized cities such as Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing, Guangzhou won the first place with 94.29 points in the selection of the pilot city of the National Comprehensive Underground corridor, and won the special subsidy of 1.2 billion yuan, which has reached 640 million yuan so far.

West of Pazhou, Datansha

The pipeline corridor project will start within this year

Officials from the Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development revealed at the forum that Guangzhou has completed 6 corridor projects, including University City, Asian Games City and China-Singapore Knowledge City, with a total length of 41.37 kilometers. Eight projects have been started, including Line 11 Corridor, Guanghua Highway Corridor, Tianhe Smart City Corridor, Lingshan Island Tip in Nansha Pearl Bay, Fushan Industrial Park, etc., with a total length of 96.8 kilometers and a total investment of 17.739.6 billion yuan. At the same time, we actively explored the PPP mode in the construction of the pipeline corridor and completed nearly 10 billion yuan of financing program. Five of the eight pipeline corridor projects under construction are built in PPP mode, with a total investment of 16.504.6 billion yuan, and more than 2 billion yuan of private capital investment is planned to be introduced.

The official also said that there are nine pipeline corridor projects in the early stage, including Pazhou West District, Grand Tansha, International City and Southern Grand Trunk Line, with a total length of 98 kilometers. The timing of construction will be coordinated based on factors such as financial affordability. We will strive to start pipeline corridor projects in Pazhou West District and Datansha.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, Guangzhou plans to build 250 kilometers of new comprehensive pipeline corridors, combined with the already built university town, Asian Games City and other pipeline corridors. It is planned that by the end of 2020, the total mileage of the construction of pipeline corridors in the city will reach 300 kilometers, accounting for about 1/3 of the province, and a comprehensive pipeline framework system with the central loop as the core, a number of radiation as the extension and the combination of trunk lines and branch lines will be initially built.

How to manage the underground pipe gallery in the future?

Robot inspection will be implemented

Although European countries began to build underground pipeline corridors in the 19th century, the large-scale construction of underground comprehensive pipeline corridors in our country is a matter of recent years. Problems in construction, management and operation are unavoidable. There is no doubt that how to charge for underground integrated pipe gallery has become a big problem.

However, at present, Guangzhou has set up the "Guangzhou Underground Pipeline (Pipeline corridor) construction Leading Group" to regularly coordinate major issues in the pipeline corridor planning and construction. In addition, from 2017 to 2020, the Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Municipal Bureau of Finance will jointly issue financial subsidies for comprehensive management corridors, and guide all districts to build branch lines and cable management corridors in combination with new, improved and expanded roads, urban complexes, green squares and various parks, so as to form a necessary supplement to the main line management corridors.

At the same time, Guangzhou pays attention to technological innovation in the construction of pipe corridors, with the goal of building "smart, green and scientific" pipe corridors. BIM technology is vigorously promoted in scheme design, shield tunneling technology and prefabricated splicing technology are adopted in site construction, and the proportion of prefabricated construction in pilot projects is no less than 50%. Supporting facilities plan to introduce geographic information system (GIS), Internet of things, mobile communication, intelligent robots, big data and cloud computing and other technologies, to achieve information collection, resource sharing, robot inspection, security monitoring, emergency and other intelligent, automatic.


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