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The 2017 Sponge City Planning and Construction Forum was held in Beijing

Posted time:2017-03-28

"Sponge city" is a hot word in Chinese urban construction field in recent years. At the recent two sessions, "Promoting the construction of sponge cities, making cities both 'face' and 'inside'" was also written into the government Work Report. From March 25 to 26, the "2017 Sponge City Planning and Construction Forum" co-sponsored by the Urban and Rural Planning Management Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and China Construction Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing. Experts, scholars, government officials and industry professionals were invited to gather together to discuss the core issues of sponge city planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance. Share construction experience.

Zhang Linwei, deputy Director general of the Department of Urban Construction of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, delivered a keynote report titled "Promoting the Construction of Sponge Cities to make cities have both" face "and" Inner City ". He proposed: In the construction of sponge city, the old district should determine the project boundary with a problem-oriented, and choose the scheme design and organization according to local conditions; The new district should be planned and distributed in a goal-oriented way, with clear objectives and major facility layout, and implemented into construction projects through planning and implementation decomposition.

Wang Hao, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, made a report titled "Sponge City Construction System Model and Key Technologies". He said the construction of sponge cities reflects Chinese wisdom in managing urban water problems. He summarized the scientific connotation of sponge city as "peak cutting in water quantity, pollution reduction in water quality, and utilization of rainwater resources". For the problems existing in sponge cities, Wang Hao proposed that the fundamental solution is to achieve three coupling equilibria at area scale and city scale, namely, the balance between water discharge and dispersed stagnant flow (waterlogging balance), the balance between pollution generation and reduction (sewage balance), and the balance between rainwater control and utilization (water balance). Xia Jun, dean of the Institute of Water Security of Wuhan University and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, proposed that the annual runoff total control rate should be improved. Instead of only considering LID at the community scale, land surface evaporation and storage capacity of river and lake system should be taken into account.

At the forum, Xing Haifeng, deputy director of the Urban and rural Planning Management Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, reviewed the practice of sponge city construction planning in China and looked forward to the future development. Li Yizei, deputy general manager of Beijing Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., LTD., the national master of engineering survey and design, proposed that urban water ecological sponge construction project should also attach great importance to the construction of urban sewage network.

The round table debate of the forum was a highlight. The experts and scholars at the meeting held a heated discussion on how to cooperate with each other and systematically promote the construction of sponge city in all aspects such as the planning, design, construction and maintenance of sponge city construction.

According to the introduction, sponge city construction related ministry leaders and experts, all levels of local government and competent departments relevant responsible person, sponge city construction related planning, design institute, universities, research institutions, engaged in sponge city construction related planning, design, construction, construction, supervision, operation of enterprises and institutions management and technical personnel, As well as sponge city investment and financing consulting institutions, financial institutions and other 500 people attended the forum.


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