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The national urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery project observation meeting was held in Xi 'an

Posted time:2017-04-01

As an important part of urban infrastructure construction, underground integrated pipeline corridor can not only gradually eliminate urban ills such as "road zipper" and "spider web in the air", but also make good use of underground space resources, improve the comprehensive carrying capacity of the city, enhance the quality of new urbanization development, and create new impetus for economic development. It is a "century-old project" to improve people's livelihood and serve the public.      This afternoon (March 31), the National Urban Underground Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Project Viewing party was held in Changning Group Project of Xi 'an Urban Underground Comprehensive Pipe Gallery PPP Section I invested by China State Construction Co., LTD and constructed by China Construction No. 8 Bureau. Changning New Area underground comprehensive pipe corridor project is the first planned and implemented dry branch comprehensive pipe corridor construction project in Xi 'an. This project, with a variety of scientific and technological means, will lead the construction standard of the whole Xi 'an pipe corridor and complete the representative project of pipe corridor construction in Xi 'an and even the whole country.      

The planned total length of underground comprehensive pipe corridor in Changning New District is 46km, forming a pattern of "one center and multiple laying". The first phase of comprehensive pipe corridor project is located in the core area, which is arranged according to the checkboard pattern of "six longitudinal and four horizontal", planning 15.6km of branch pipe corridor, 2.87km of cable corridor and one control center. In the construction of Xi 'an urban underground pipeline corridor, China Architecture relies on its unique technical advantages, and uses a variety of scientific and technological means to help the construction of "Greater Xi 'an", serving the overall situation of "catching up and surpassing".

Visitors were impressed by the application of 3D laser scanning technology, collaborative management of BIM technology, BIM+AR, BIM+3D printing, BIM+VR and other high-tech technologies.

"BIM+AR technology can transform two-dimensional drawings and three-dimensional entities in real time, reduce losses caused by misreading of drawings and distortion of information transmission, and reduce the time and energy spent by construction management personnel in repeatedly reading and recognizing drawings." Zhou Yingjie, manager of the general contracting Department of Xi 'an Underground comprehensive Pipe Gallery Section 1 of the Eighth Bureau of China Construction, told reporters that the application of these new technologies can greatly improve the construction progress and ensure construction safety.

China Construction eight Bureau Northwest Company chief engineer Chen Junjie introduced that in the process of engineering construction, the project department for engineering characteristics, in the main structure of the pipeline corridor using aluminum alloy sliding form construction technology, the roof using early demolition system. In view of the characteristics of multi-line length of pipe corridor construction points, the project adopts the method of centralized processing and unified distribution of steel bars. The construction of centralized processing production line of steel bars and the use of CNC machining machinery can improve the efficiency of steel bar processing.

The reporter learned that the eighth Bureau of China Construction also used the plastic template, aluminum alloy template, sliding trolley and so on in the Changning project, and made full use of the characteristics of tools to realize the "factory style, flow" construction of the urban underground pipe gallery, which not only ensures the efficient performance of the contract, but also ensures the safety and quality.

It is reported that the construction of Xi 'an underground comprehensive pipeline corridor adopts the PPP model, which is currently the largest single investment and the longest total mileage of the urban underground comprehensive pipeline corridor PPP project, divided into two areas in the north and south. The southern area (i.e., Section Ⅰ) is constructed by China State Construction Co., LTD., and designed by China Municipal Engineering Northwest Design & Research Institute Co., LTD. The construction content mainly includes 72.23km of underground dry branch line integrated pipeline corridor and 182.5km of cable pipeline corridor of more than 30 roads such as Dongxi No.2 Road, Kunming Road, Yunshui No.2 Road, Tiangu 4th Road and Keji No.2 Road in Changning New District, Xi 'an. Prefabrication and shield construction technologies of pipeline corridor will be adopted. It includes nine major types of pipelines, including power, telecommunication, water supply, reclaimed water, gas, heat, sewage, rainwater and cooling. It is currently the urban integrated pipeline corridor PPP project with the largest single investment, the longest total kilometers and the highest degree of wisdom in China


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