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56 sponge city construction pilot projects have been started in GUI 'an

Posted time:2017-04-08

The reporter learned from the relevant departments of GUI 'an New District that up to now, a total of 56 sponge city construction pilot projects have been started in the new District, including 19 completed projects and 1 to be built, with a completed investment of 1.78 billion yuan.  

It is understood that the sponge city plan in GUI 'an New Area has a total investment of 4.67 billion yuan, with 67 pilot construction projects.
As the only state-level new district in China that aims at the construction of ecological civilization demonstration zone, GUI 'an New District follows the basic principles of "prioritizing ecology and safety", strictly adheres to the two bottom lines of development and ecology, actively promotes the construction of sponge city, builds a city that can "breathe", and strives to realize the coordination between economic development and resources and environment. 
GUI 'an New Area adheres to the low-impact development mode, actively promotes the whole-area ecology, changes the traditional urban construction pipe and rainwater treatment based on quick drainage, and breaks the city into clusters of "microcirculation", so as to achieve "no water accumulation in light rain, no waterlogging in heavy rain, water body improvement and heat island relief", and explore the urban development mode with the concept of ecological civilization and show results. We will make every effort to promote the construction of sponge buildings and communities, sponge roads and squares, and urban drainage and waterlogging prevention facilities to meet standards, and implement 100% rain and pollution diversion. We will speed up the development of sponge parks and green Spaces, strengthen the protection of water bodies such as pits, lakes, rivers and wetlands, and strengthen the improvement of river systems.  

In addition, GUI 'an New District also adopts new technologies and new methods to promote the development of ecological industrialization and help the construction of Sponge city. Relying on the development dividend of big data, the Sponge City big data monitoring system and comprehensive management cloud platform are built. Monitoring points are installed in the demonstration area to measure and analyze rainfall, flow, water quality and liquid level, so as to realize intelligent management. Jointly build an ecological civilization innovation Park with the British Institute of Architectural Design and Tsinghua University to provide a platform for the development of new technologies and new materials for sponge city construction. Guizhou Research Institute of the State Key Laboratory for Utilization of Silica Sand Resources has been established, and the Southwest Industrial headquarters base of Eco-sand has been built to realize the ecological collection and utilization system of eco-sand-based rainwater and the sponge city construction products "Made in GUI 'an", such as silica sand permeable brick.


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