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The city of Liaoyuan in Jilin province has carried out a comprehensive physical examination of drainage facilities such as Bridges, rain pollution and drainage pipelines

Posted time:2017-04-12

At the end of March, the Municipal Water Group organized a cleaning team to conduct a comprehensive safety physical examination of the bridge, rain pollution, drainage pipelines and other drainage facilities. The cleaning work is expected to be completed by the end of April and the beginning of May.  

According to the forecast of the flood season in previous years, the cleaning team of the Water Group carried out a comprehensive, thorough, high standard, high quality and high speed cleaning of more than 6,700 rain Wells and more than 3,900 inspection Wells in advance. On April 7th, the cleaning workers wearing green vests and yellow vests held special sporks in their hands in the Fuxing Street. With the cooperation of professional cleaning vehicles, Along the road one by one to clear the mud and debris in the well. At present, two teams with a water tanker and more than 50 workers are working overtime to clean the work.

Municipal Water Group reminds that any units and individuals shall not dump, stack, discard or scatter dirt and sludge to the rainwater Wells and inspection Wells without authorization. Especially the street catering operators, to resolutely put an end to the food waste into the drainage pipeline, so as not to flood season caused by drainage blockage, to the masses travel and their own business brought unnecessary trouble, if in violation of the provisions, the water supervision department will be dealt with according to the relevant documents violators.


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