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Three years later, Huizhou will build an underground comprehensive pipeline corridor with a total length of about 52 kilometers to realize all pipelines into the corridor

Posted time:2017-04-14

City gas pipeline maintenance, excavation of a large; Water pipe break, re - excavation; Communication power and other problems will also face excavation treatment. In the past urban maintenance and management process, similar situation is often seen. However, with the "Huizhou Underground Comprehensive pipe Gallery Special Planning (Revision) (draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Planning") is gradually realized is expected to make this situation become history.  

13, the reporter learned from the Huizhou City housing and urban and rural planning and construction Bureau, the bureau of the planning of the official release, in the past communication, power and other basis, planning effective gas, drainage pipes together into the underground integrated pipeline corridor, to achieve all pipelines into the corridor, and in 3 years after the completion of the underground integrated pipeline corridor total length of about 52 kilometers. By 2030, the city will have a multi-group and multi-structure urban corridor system with a total length of about 222 kilometers.

City pipeline all into the corridor

With the continuous expansion of urban scale, the pattern of urban development is increasingly showing the trend of three-dimensional. The planning and utilization of urban underground space resources make the construction of underground integrated pipeline corridor become the key. How to construct, lay out and develop the corridor has become the focus of attention.

What is an underground gallery? "Planning" introduced that it is also called common ditch, is the implementation of unified planning, design, construction and maintenance, built in the city underground municipal public facilities for laying municipal public pipelines.

In fact, the construction of this work has already begun in Huizhou. The reporter noted that previously, Huizhou has issued a series of plans and measures, such as "Huizhou Urban Underground Pipeline Management Measures" and "Implementation Plan for the Construction of Huizhou Urban Underground Comprehensive Pipeline Corridor", among which the pilot project of 6.8 km Jinlong Avenue Underground comprehensive Pipeline corridor began to be built and implemented last year.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau said in the interview that the revision of the plan is the adjustment of the continuous development needs of the city, and the construction of a scientific, advanced, appropriate and safe comprehensive underground pipeline corridor system provides the basis for the management of urban road underground space.

Compared with the previous requirements, the person in charge introduced that after the revision of the "planning" in the previous only power cables, communication cables, water supply pipes, water pipes, heating pipes into the underground integrated pipeline gallery, at the same time gas, drainage pipes are also included, to achieve all pipelines into the gallery.

Specific to the scope of urban underground pipeline corridor construction, the reporter learned from the planning is mainly concentrated in the central city, including Qiaodong, Qiaoxi, Longfeng, Jiangnan, Jiangbei, Henan bank, Xiaojinkou street office, SAN Dong, Ruhu, Ma 'an Town part of the planning area of 210 square kilometers.

Will be combined with Jiangbei road design and construction

"Considering the development and construction of the city, the construction of the corridor will be carried out in different sections and regions." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau introduced that 2020 and 2030 will be used as the dividing line to divide the construction of Huizhou underground pipe corridor into three stages: short-term, long-term and long-term, and put forward the construction objectives and methods respectively.

The person in charge introduced that the recent construction work will be mainly combined with some road construction plans in Jiangbei area. According to the planning and construction drawing, recently, Huizhou construction plan will include Beihuan Avenue, Jinshan Avenue, Jinshi 7th Road, Jinshi 5th Road, Jinshi 3rd Road and other roads into the comprehensive pipeline corridor, with a total length of about 52 kilometers (excluding the cable pipeline corridor constructed by municipal roads at all levels), among which the total length of trunk pipeline corridor is about 33 kilometers and that of branch pipeline corridor is about 19 kilometers. This means that in three years, Huizhou will build 52 kilometers of underground pipeline corridor. The previous construction plan aims to "build no less than 32 kilometers of underground integrated pipeline corridors by 2020."

Construction of 222 km pipeline corridor structure system

"Planning" not only improves the demand of the construction in the near future, but also makes a systematic construction of the city's long-term underground comprehensive pipe corridor. According to reports, in the long-term plan (2020-2030), the total length of the integrated pipeline corridor is about 92 kilometers, including the main pipeline corridor is about 43 kilometers, and the branch corridor is about 49 kilometers.

In the regional layout, it will extend to the built-up areas of the city, and carry out the comprehensive pipeline corridor layout in the newly developed areas with high construction intensity and the roads along the rail transit and the roads with relatively concentrated municipal pipelines. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau believes that this will effectively make the underground pipe gallery "wired to the surface", in the north of the river, the Henan bank area gradually formed into a piece of pipe gallery layout.

After 2030, a multi-group integrated corridor structure system will be effectively formed. Jiangbei, Shuikou, Henan Bank and other groups began to take shape, and each group was connected through the trunk corridor. According to the Planning, "Multiple groups" was a comprehensive corridor system consisting of trunk and branch lines distributed in the north of the Dongjiang River, Shuikou and Ma 'an, Southern New City, Jiangnan area, Henan Bank and other areas. The total length of the integrated corridor reaches 222 km, of which the total length of the main corridor is about 76 km and that of the branch corridor is about 146 km.

In the specific construction process, the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau said, will be in the new and expansion of roads, the implementation of rail transit and the transformation of urban drainage network synchronous implementation. At the same time, according to different geological conditions, pipeline types included in the pipeline corridor, the number of pipeline warehouse and the size of pipeline corridor, the comprehensive system of pipeline corridor is constructed. Among them, the comprehensive pipeline corridor of trunk line is used to accommodate the main urban engineering pipeline, the comprehensive pipeline corridor of branch line is used to accommodate the urban distribution engineering pipeline, and the cable pipeline corridor is mainly used to accommodate the power and communication cables.

In addition, to better supervise and operate the corridor system, the plan states that a general control center will be set up in the north of the river to monitor information and equipment in each area, covering an area of about 1,000 square meters.


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