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The first pilot of Shanghai's sponge city has been officially launched in Taopu district

Posted time:2017-04-15

The construction of Shanghai's first sponge city pilot area, which has passed expert evaluation, has officially started in Taopu district, according to the builder Shanghai Tunnel Stock yesterday. Taopu will focus on building "One road, one river, one pool, one Belt, one district", making it a city of scientific and technological wisdom integrating "innovation, humanity and ecology", and bringing different "ecological experience" to the public.    

Summer temperatures are expected to cool in Momura

Taopu, known as "old Shanghai", is located in the northwest of Putuo District, which is also the northwest gate of Shanghai. It used to be one of the first chemical industrial zones in Shanghai, as well as a landmark plate in the transformation strategy of Shanghai's old industries. With a planned area of 4.2 square kilometers, the smart City of science and technology is one of the key areas to be planned and constructed in Shanghai in the future period, and also one of the three pilot areas of Shanghai Sponge City construction built by Tunnel Shares.

Tunnel shares revealed that the "Shanghai Taopu Technology Smart City Sponge City Construction Implementation plan" by the General Institute of Urban Construction Design and Research has passed the expert review, it has an important role and demonstration significance to promote Shanghai ecological city construction, improve the water environment, improve the flood control capacity.

Taopu in the future can meet the needs of rainwater system construction. The combination of cavernoid protection, source reconstruction and drainage system construction will create a first-class sponge city pilot area for Taopu, with annual runoff control rate of more than 80% of its water ecology. The average daily temperature in summer will not be higher than the average daily temperature in other parts of Shanghai during the same period. The drainage standard is once every 5 years. The standard for waterlogging is once every 20 years. The standard of waterlogging control is once every 100 years. By sorting out the sponge city implementation schemes of the planned plots, roads and river systems, there are 150 sponge city projects in the planned plots of residential districts, public buildings and green space squares, and 9 sponge city projects of municipal roads.

We will focus on five major projects    

"We have made a near-term construction goal, is that by 2018, Taopu Technology Smart City will focus on building 'one road, one river, one pool, one belt, one district' five major sponge city construction projects." Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the construction told reporters that the so-called "One road" refers to the Gulang Road (true South Road - Dunhuang Road). With a total length of 1336 meters, it will be equipped with biological detention facilities or sunken green Spaces, permeable pavement materials, and corresponding transformation of the road drainage system. Through the effects of infiltration and delay, rainwater peak reduction will be achieved, while achieving the purpose of "clean". With the landscape design, create a small rest space combining function and beauty.

In addition, "One River" refers to the newly opened No.1 river. It is located in the middle of Taopu Science and technology smart City, is the longest river in the region, the largest area. The rainwater system of the new Kai No. 1 River will be reconstructed, and hydrophilic ecological revetment with high and low levels will be built along both banks to increase the storage space in rainy season and improve the water purification capacity. "A pond" means a rainwater storage pond. Located under the central green space of Taopo. Rainwater storage tank has the function of water quality regulation and storage of "intercepting pollution and absorbing pollution". It adopts the whole underground design, and the upper part is covered with soil greening. Through the construction of relief terrain, it is fully integrated into the central green space landscape. "One Belt" means central green space. The total area is about 500,000 square meters. Bearing the functions of ecology, fitness, leisure, entertainment and public activities, it is a complex of several major projects including commerce, roads, parks and water systems. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of drainage and waterlogging prevention, the central green space can realize the accumulation, penetration and purification of rainwater, promote the utilization of rainwater resources and the protection of ecological environment. "Zone 1" refers to the 605 commercial lot, which is located in the southeast corner of Science and Technology Smart City. The structure of rainwater treatment measures such as green roof, permeable pavement, sunken green space, biological detention facilities and distributed cistern will be reformed.Taopu area in the future will bring different "ecological experience" to the public. Taopu Technology Smart City will be built into one of the most livable areas with ecological green space as the core function and living, service and leisure as supporting functions.


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