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What are the functions of nodular cast iron?

Posted time:2023-02-07

If you are not a professional person, it is not quite understand, then it is mainly used to do what? What kind of role, here is a brief introduction to ductile iron.


In fact, it is a kind of treated spherical graphite, which can be quite effectively improved mechanical properties. Therefore, it plays a strengthening role in cast iron. Of course, with the development of society and industry, the demand for iron is also increasing, so more iron is needed. And greatly improve the quality and toughness of cast iron, so this kind of iron is more suitable for production and people's needs, so in life or industrial production is used more. Of course it is also a high strength cast iron material, of course it is widely used in cast iron.

It has a great advantage over previous cast iron materials. For example, with good toughness and high strength, the cast iron will be more durable. Then, for products with good toughness, it will be favored by more people, whether it is the use of time or function, it will be better. It's also better for production. This is the extensive role of ductile iron, it can be said that the development of industry is inseparable from it. Of course nodular cast iron is also used among the indispensable products.

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