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What is nodular cast iron? What is the main use of nodular cast iron pipe?

Posted time:2023-02-08

Nodular cast iron is a pipe fitting made from a centrifugal nodular cast iron machine by rapid extrusion casting, commonly known as nodular cast iron pipe, nodular cast iron pipe and nodular cast iron pipe, called nodular cast iron pipe.


Nodular iron main Uses nodular iron is used in three key areas of the vehicle:

1) Power plant of automobile engine components;

2) Driving force transmission of gear system, gear and coupling;

3) Suspension vehicle, braking system and turning equipment.

The main components of ductile iron pipes are carbon, silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and magnesium. Inner wall spray zinc, cement sand anticorrosive material, etc. Advantages of ductile iron pipe: in the medium and low pressure pipe network, ductile iron pipe has the advantages of safe and reliable operation, low damage rate, convenient construction and maintenance, fast speed, excellent anti-corrosion performance, etc. Disadvantages of ductile iron pipe: ductile iron pipe acceptance level, responsibility and other human factors, the construction is not as convenient as PE pipe. PE pipe advantages: PE pipe has good corrosion resistance, its inorganic resistance is much stronger than metal pipe, without anticorrosion, convenient construction. The cost performance of small diameter PE pipe is better than that of steel pipe and ductile iron pipe. PE tube disadvantages: benzene, gasoline, carbon tetrachloride and other organic solvents have a certain effect on polyethylene.

The application scope of ball mill cast iron pipe includes long - term agricultural machinery used in agriculture and animal husbandry, pavement and engineering construction. All farm machinery castings include a variety of tractor fittings, plough birch, fixed supports, quick jigs and rollers. The two rear axle housings of agricultural tricycles are typical parts, originally cast in stainless steel. All kinds of mechanical equipment, including excavators, intakes, lifting equipment, refrigeration compressors, ductile iron castings, should be burned in road paving and engineering construction.

Ductile iron pipes have excellent properties and replace gray cast iron in the exhaust pipe. With the increase of temperature, the ductile iron of Si - Al alloy profile will be further applied. The use of ductile iron small ring and wheel housing parts have obvious development trend.

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