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National standard ductile iron pipe according to acid superplasticizer instead of naphthalene series superplasticizer

Posted time:2023-02-09

Most of the national standard ductile iron pipe polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer can not meet the requirements of maintaining the working performance of concrete. In order to reduce the slump loss of concrete, the common practice is to mix a large amount of sodium gluconate sodium citrate into polycarboxylic acid mother liquor to form a retarder such as malt essence, but the addition of a large number of retarders still can not solve the problem of rapid fall loss in high temperature season. Instead, it will bring.


For example, the construction unit does not want to see the extension of concrete tibial tie time and delay its mold removal time: excessive retarding agent will also affect the strength of concrete, and some polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent also has the problem of water consumption of concrete, which is easy to appear bleeding segregation phenomenon. In short, most of the water reducing agents on the market only have the effect of reducing water, but do not have the plastic property, which brings many problems to the production and application of ready-mixed table soil. Many concrete manufacturers have used poly-acid superplasticizer for a period of time and then stopped using it because of these reasons. Examples of Plasticity-preserving ability Play a role Because most of the tea systems in the market at present, lipotropic and polycarboxylic acid water-reducing agents do not have plasticity-preserving ability, so the water-reducing agents with plasticity-preserving ability have obvious cost-performance advantages compared with them. Here are two application examples.

A commercial concrete company in Nanjing is a ready-mixed concrete manufacturer with an annual output of more than 10,000 cubic meters. The two mixing stations of the company used to use the local aliphatic water reducing agent. The national standard ductile iron pipe began to use the polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent supplied by Tianjin Yongyang water reducing agent factory to gradually replace the aliphatic anti-group water reducing agent. At that time, the price of aliphatic water-reducing agent used by the company was Yuan ton, and the price of polytonic acid water-forming agent was Yuan ton. Why did the company replace the cheap aliphatic acid with the expensive polycarboxylic acid? According to the company's technical person in charge said, Tianjin Yongyang alkali water agent plant polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer quality stability, raw materials wide adaptability, especially summer slump when the loss is small, to the site without adding water can be normal construction: winter concrete setting time is not extended, the strength is fast, the appearance of good quality concrete after mold removal.

After the use of polyjunic acid water-reducing agent, although the concrete mix ratio of single water consumption and cement amount is reduced a lot, but the strength is better than before using lipid proofing, saving the comprehensive cost of coagulants. The table and table are the synthesis of concrete using polytropic acid and aliphatic acid provided by the company's laboratory. According to the results in the table, compared with the concrete using aliphatic water reducing agent, the concrete using polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent has better workability and is convenient for pumping. The compressive strength of concrete has also been improved: when asked, the comprehensive cost of single concrete has been reduced by one yuan, and the comprehensive production cost of concrete has been reduced by more than ten thousand yuan a year. A commercial concrete company in Xi 'an is one of the top three ready-mixed concrete manufacturers in Xi 'an, with an annual output of more than 10,000 square meters of pre-discharged concrete.

Before the year, the company used its own compound system of Chengshui agent, since the summer began to use the national standard ductile iron pipe produced by Tianluyongyang superplasticizer factory according to acid superplasticizer instead of naphthalene series superplasticizer. After more than two years of use, the advantages of carboxylic acid superplasticizer are very obvious: the loss of mingling soil is significantly reduced, even after the concrete is out of the machine in summer, it still has good workability, convenient for workers to construction, greatly reducing the probability of adding water on the site. The concrete mix ratio is optimized, the amount of unilateral cement is reduced, and the strength of the development is fast, the winter site dismantling time is much shorter than the CAI system. The change of concrete unilateral comprehensive cost before and after using polyacid water-reducing agent is shown in the table.

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