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The whole company works together, go all out to seize the task, to meet customer requirements

Posted time:2017-03-13

On March 10th, most of the employees of the company voluntarily went to the packaging site to help the packaging team of the production department pack pipe fittings during the lunch break. Just 1 hour, completed more than 2000 pipe fittings packaging work.

It is understood that this batch of pipe fittings order from abroad, delivery time is short, urgent task. The packing team of the production department has been working overtime for 2 days to meet the customer's requirements. The president of the trade union, Zhang, in the first time, explained the situation to the staff through wechat group and called on everyone to help. After lunch, more than 100 people from the office and each workshop spontaneously went to the site to pack, and the packing work was soon completed.

Production Minister Zhang sighed and said: It is the strength of many people! We have a clear division of labor and no one is tired. I would like to thank you here!

Ever is a big family, and just one hour fully reflects the high-quality staff style of this big family working together, united and coordinated. Can overcome any difficulties, because of the tenacious fighting spirit of three hundred Iverites.   




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