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City Federation of Trade unions in Liaoning Ivil to commend advanced women workers conference

Posted time:2017-03-13

On March 6, 2017, on the occasion of the 107th International Working Women's Day, eight outstanding representatives of female employees were honored with the strong support of the Gazhou Federation of Trade Unions.They are:

Mold workshop -- Hao Lili

Mold workshop -- Xu Yanfang

Mold workshop - Zhang Shuqi

Mold workshop -- Yu Ping

Mold workshop -- Xu Meiling

Finished product workshop - Zhu Libo

Office Sales Department -- Shen Hui

Logistics Department -- Zhang Min

Mr. Li, chairman of the labor union of Gaizhou and the chairman of the company presented certificates and prizes to them and took a group photo. In their speeches, the winners thanked the company for the platform. In the future, I will work harder, set an example, and play a role as a model and pioneer. The role of half the sky for the development of the company.

In addition, next year's "March 8", the company will reward the winners with a personal photo album, showing the beauty of the women of Ever.

Here are the pictures of the employees who honored our company:



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