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The state's Attorney walks into Ivil!

Posted time:2018-03-31

On March 21, Ma Xiaoyi, secretary of the Party Leadership group and Chief Procurator of the People's Procuratorate of Gaizhou, visited Liaoning Ivier Metal Molding Technology Co., LTD., to conduct field research and guidance.

Procurator-general Ma elaborated on optimizing the business environment of enterprises and helping the development of enterprises, and customized the legal environment program for Iver, providing legal guarantee for the operation and development of Iver.

Ever chairman Liang Yunfang said: Ma the arrival of the chief procurator line, meet the needs of the enterprise, express, explain the enterprise want to express and say unclear, say not clear. Escort enterprises from the external environment, enhance the confidence of enterprise development, make enterprises at ease!

Finally, Procurator-General Ma stressed that we will further strengthen the contact between the procuratorate and the enterprise, and implement it step by step according to the established program. If new problems occur in the actual process, we will do our best to provide legal support for the enterprise!


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