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Gaizhou Local Taxation Bureau Beihai Party branch and Ivil Party branch co-construction activities

Posted time:2018-03-31

On March 13, the Beihai Party branch of Gaizhou Local Taxation Bureau and the Party branch of Liaoning Iver Metal Molding Technology Co., LTD jointly launched a "pair building and mutual benefit" activity.

The Party branch of the Local Taxation Bureau in Beihai visited the Party building room and staff culture lecture hall of Ivil, and had a real understanding of the workshop and team culture as well as the spirit and culture of Ivil created by Ivil itself, such as red and tradition, which keep up with The Times. The two sides reached a consensus to make new breakthroughs in Party building at the grassroots level by implementing relevant joint efforts, giving full play to their respective advantages, constantly enriching and improving the forms and connotations of joint efforts. Finally, all the Party members of the North Sea branch of the Local Taxation Bureau visited the workshop of the enterprise.

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