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Liaoning Province safety production inspection team to our company to check the safety of production

Posted time:2018-03-31

March 20, Liaoning Province work safety inspection team to Liaoning Aiver Metal Molding Technology Co., LTD., accompanied by Yingkou City Work Safety Supervision and Administration, Gaizhou related department leaders inspection.

Chairman Liang Yunfang on behalf of the company to the arrival of the inspection team to welcome, on the company's safety work situation made an introduction: the company has always put the safety work as a major event to catch, be filial first, do enterprise safety in the first place. We hope that the inspection team will give us some problems to improve, and that the accompanying experts will give us good advice on production safety.

The inspection team from the "check, look, listen, speak" four links, around the implementation of the main responsibility of production safety and production safety situation research. They first went into the production line to check the production site, to have a comprehensive understanding of the company's production process; The experts of the inspection group have carried out a professional inspection on the production process and the configuration and use of safety facilities of our company, and put forward rectification suggestions and implementation plans.

Provincial inspection team leaders view the site and listen to the report, the company's production safety management recognized, and pointed out: safety is the foundation of the enterprise, must effectively implement the "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management" policy, and to strengthen the awareness of safety responsibility, strengthen the implementation of laws and regulations, strengthen all personnel, all-round training, strengthen the innovation of training work. Hope enterprises on this basis more perfect work safety.



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