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Gaizhou Central Fuel Liaoning Aiver 4000KMP photovoltaic project commencement ceremony

Posted time:2018-03-31

On March 24th, "Gaizhou ZhongFuel undertakes to build Liaoning Aiver 4000KMP photovoltaic Project Commencement ceremony" was held in Liaoning Aiver Metal Forming Technology Co., LTD.

Liaoning Aiver photovoltaic power generation project, not only marks the national advocacy of clean energy application in the local area with a good start, but also can greatly improve the image of the enterprise. Not only that, but also can increase the non-business income of enterprises, reduce the cost of electricity. It can be said that photovoltaic power generation project is a beneficial and harmless new thing, with long-term development of great good!

Through this cooperation, the two sides will reach consensus, treat each other honestly, complement each other's advantages and cooperate for win-win results in a wider range of fields and scope.



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