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Praise for the quality of Iver products

Posted time:2018-08-09

In midsummer, the land of southern Liaoning is particularly hot this year, and the high temperature continues again and again. The rejection rate of Liaoning Aiver products located in Liaodong Bay is like a strong northern cold air invading again and again, decreasing gradually. The figure fell to 3.09 percent in May, 1.35 percent in June, and 1.09 percent this month (11.2 tons of waste and 1,022 tons of output). Tons) and a new record, this indicator is rare in the industry. I want you to look at a couple of people who are typical of the company who might be able to see something cohesive in the data.


The workshop director on the post - Zhou Hongkui

Because of the particularity of the industry, the casting workshop distinguishes black and white two shifts, he has been a week did not go home, eat, live and sleep in the workshop, no gorgeous language, only the solid work. In order to ensure the workshop product quality to a higher level, but also to teach their own skilled operation skills to everyone. We have done the training and supervision of the post operators. His outstanding work performance and strong sense of responsibility, has been the company leaders and colleagues praise.


Astonishing iron man -- Xu Xingguang

The allocation of packing work and the adjustment of quality responsibility system have greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of employees. On the night of 27th, the original two people could only work 11 boxes a day, but Xu Xingguang alone did 13 boxes a day, and ensured the high quality of each box. Some people ask: Why so much effort? He replied, "Work is done for yourself, and also because the company has a distribution policy so that the competent people get more and don't lose. Although the weather is very hot, but now my heart is cool and refreshing to work!"

The boss works like a sweat, "working for the workers" - Holmwood

Hao Yulong, the shareholder of the company, actively participates in the organization and management of production and does not leave the site. He is good at finding the main contradictions and problems, and take early measures to solve them, overcome difficulties, reorganize, adjust and optimize the team. Not only that, but he could also change his role and fight alongside the workers on the front line. In hot weather, when the furnace workers were short, he took the place of the missing position, and worked with the furnace workers to make money with quartz sand without pay. He also worked with the workers under the high temperature for the medium frequency furnace. With bosses like us working in the heat with everyone else, there's no reason why we can't do a good job!

Can strategize and take the lead - Zhou Zhanhu

At the beginning of the year, the board of directors made it clear that Zhou Zhanhu was responsible for the overall work of the company's production technology. He was able to mobilize the enthusiasm of the heads of the departments in the workshops, to think in one place, to make one place, to work together, complement each other's advantages, and concentrate on the war of annihilation. For the "old difficulty" workshop of the company -- casting workshop, we made a key breakthrough. At present, the workshop has a new look, the enthusiasm of the staff is high, the production efficiency has been improved, and the "casting is dry, not visible" advocated by Mr. Zhou has been realized. He is a typical representative of the current advocacy of "hard work, implementation, strong implementation".

This article will not cover them in detail due to space limitations. There are also many workshop directors and excellent employees who fight on the high temperature front line, as well as production related departments: quality, technology, equipment, logistics and other personnel, they are also working hard for the development of the company.

It is better to see than to hear, and to say that it is better to be able. Every step forward of Evere is the work of these lovely workers. Salute them!!!

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